Cyprus is a Good Place to Live

Cyprus is a great place to live, as for families , retirees & students. Life in general is relaxed & filled with its Mediterranean style where living taken at a slower pace.

The island is famous for its magnificent beaches with luxurious marinas , stunning mountains with winter ski resorts , charming vineyards, olives groves & fruit orchards.

The island of Cyprus is blessed with long summers and short winters. The people of Cyprus are welcoming & friendly. English language here is widely spoken , as well as Russian, German & French.

Cyprus is one of the safest places in Europe. The crime rate is very low. Cyprus is ranked with one of the healthiest climate worldwide.

Income tax rates on Cyprus are low in comparison to those of other countries in Europe. Cyprus is an European Union state. The island is politically stable and has a strong economy.

On the island you will have high quality of living for the lower cost. The republic of Cyprus has a great healthcare & education standards.

Not to mention delicious food, abundance of water activities & rich history.

You are welcome to Cyprus 🇨🇾 A land of prosperity and warmth.

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